Make use of MH&More Drum Lifter And Tilter to move drums as and when required with the highest efficiency. Don't worry about spillage of contents from the drum as you move it over long distances in a factory or an industry setup.

Drum Lifter And Tilter – Simplifies Movement Of Heavy Drums

When it comes to materials management in a vast industrial setup or warehouse, the key area of concern is materials management, particularly of those materials that have to be moved over long distances for storage or use in the production unit. The material must be moved quickly as and when needed and no spillage should happen.

Drums are commonly used to hold raw materials and they have to be later moved to the manufacturing unit for usage. They can not be moved manually due to weight and safety concerns. Making use of our efficient Drum Lifter & Tilter equipment, enables such tasks to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Such is the equipment’s structure that it can be used to lift and tilt drums continuously and extensively without worrying about wear and tear. Implementing it in your workplace will reduce time spent in such activities and increase productivity manifold. We are a drum lifter manufacturer providing this equipment at the lowest price.

Drum Lifter And Tilter

Drum Lifter And Tilter – Quick and Easy Drum Transfer

Drum lifter and tilter is robust, strong and long lasting as it is made from high quality steel. Its design makes way for easy management of drums in various sizes, enabling them to be lifted conveniently as and when required and tilted for the purpose of removing contents inside.

Benefits of Drum Lifter And Tilter:

  • Height modification can be as and when required to hold different types of drums
  • Includes simple controls that make way for easy and convenient handling
  • Comes with a smooth finish and easy to disassemble parts which enables quick maintenance
  • Using it enhances worker’s productivity and brings down costs of production
  • Drum length can be adjusted to carry out work faster and more efficiently

Not only can MH&More Drum Lifter & Tilter be used to manage sealed drums, it can also be used to handle open drums and drums containing dangerous liquids. It can be used to manage any amount of long distance drum transfer inside a large warehouse or production unit in the most efficient way. As the equipment is made from high quality stainless steel, it will not get worn out no matter how tough the surrounding industrial environment. Learn more about our top notch drum lifter & tilter, which is affordable, long-lasting and very sturdy!.

Product Name Drum Lifter & Tilter

Model No.


Primary Industry Application

Drum lifting and handling

Lifting Capacity

300 kgs (max)

Product Size
(L x W x H)

1600 x 1400 x 2700 mm