MH&More offers sturdy pallet rack by which metal sheets of various sizes can be quickly, easily stored so that they can be removed as and when required to be sent to the production process. The rack can be used to easily tabulate the material there by organising it properly so that it is intact and in proper condition to be removed and used as and when needed.

Organize Your Warehouse or Production Center with Our Smart Pallet Rack!

It is ideal for placing in sheds, stores, distribution units where metals have to be placed at all times for immediate usage as and when needed. As it is made from strong and durable stainless steel it will not get corroded when put into a manufacturing unit environment for long periods.

You can easily access any stored item inside as and when required. Save the space in your manufacturing unit or factory setup by implementing our compact pallet racking system which helps storage of huge number of sheets without taking up space.

Pallet Rack

Benefits of Pallet Racking System:

  • Has ample space to store metal sheets of varying sizes
  • Sturdy in design and capable of storing sheets made from different materials efficiently
  • Offers cost-effective means of keeping metal sheets before they are put into production
  • Stores sheets security thus preventing them from being piled up on the floor which can cause accidents
  • Sharp edges and corners of the sheet are not exposed which prevents injury and also prevents damage to sheets

You will find MH&More's high quality and affordable pallet rack storage system to come with low maintenance features. It offers more storage per square feet, enabling you to keep a large number of metal sheets at once. We are a pallet rack manufacturer offering this equipment at the lowest price.

With this materials storage system, you can easily organise metal sheets of different sizes and materials into ones that are required immediately, within the next day also and those needed in the forthcoming weeks. No more having a mixed pile of metal sheets lying about the warehouse or production centre, taking up floor space. Our compact pallet rack will help to keep them secure and in one place, thus making them easily available for removal as and when needed. Contact us for our high quality and affordable pallet racking system.

Product Name Pallet Rack
Model No. MHM-PR-07
Primary Industry Application Metal Sheet storage
Sheet Dimensions (W x L) 1.5 x 3.0 mtrs
No. of Trays 7
Loading Capacity per Tray 2 tons
Total Loading Capacity 14 tons
Usable Tray Height 130 mm