Move Panels with Ease using Multipurpose Dolly with Self-Lock Mechanism

Our Multipurpose Dolly is the perfect solution for wood industry professionals who need to move wood panels from one location to another. With a spacious 110mm space, this dolly can accommodate wood panels and plywood of various sizes, making it a versatile tool for your woodworking needs.

Multipurpose Dolly


  • The Multipurpose Dolly is built with durable and sturdy materials, ensuring that it can withstand heavy loads without bending or breaking
    • The self-lock mechanism holds the panels firmly in place during transportation, preventing them from slipping or shifting.
      • The dolly has a wide surface area, providing ample space to carry large and bulky panels.
        • The 110mm space allows for the transportation of a variety of panel sizes.
          • The four swivel wheels make the dolly highly maneuverable, allowing for easy navigation around the workshop or job site.


  • Saves time and energy by making transportation of wood panels quick and effortless.
    • Reduces the risk of injury from carrying heavy panels by hand.
      • Prevents damage to panels during transportation by securely holding them in place.
        • Can be used in a variety of woodworking and carpentry applications, making it a versatile tool.
          • Durable and long-lasting, the Multipurpose Dolly is a reliable investment for any woodworker or carpenter.


  • The Multipurpose Dolly is perfect for transporting wood panels and plywood of various sizes in woodworking and carpentry workshops.
    • It can also be used in other industries, such as construction and manufacturing, to transport large and bulky materials.
      • Ideal for both professional and DIY woodworkers, the dolly simplifies panel transportation, allowing for a more efficient and productive work environment.
 Invest in our Multipurpose Dolly today and experience hassle-free wood panel transportation like never before. Contact us now to learn more!