Keep Your Spray Guns Organized and Accessible with Paint Spray Gun Stand

Our Paint Spray Gun Stand is the perfect tool for keeping your spray guns organized and easily accessible during the painting process. This gun stand is an essential item for any spray booth wall, paint mix room, workstation cabinet, body shop, garage wall, auto, or mechanic shop. The mounting holes allow for screw-mounting to a non-ferrous wall, ensuring that your spray guns are always within reach.

Paint Spray Gun Stand


  • Available in two options - UNO to hold single spray gun and TRE to hold 3 spray guns.
    • Can be attached to spray booth wall, paint mix room, workstation cabinet, body shop or garage wall, auto and mechanic shops.
      • Contains mounting holes for screw-mounting to non-ferrous walls if needed.
        • Made of durable materials for long-lasting use.
        • Benefits:

          • Allows for easy access and organization of spray guns during painting tasks.
            • Saves time and increases productivity by eliminating the need to search for misplaced spray guns.
              • Reduces the risk of accidents and injuries by preventing spray guns from falling or being knocked over.
                • Can be mounted in a convenient location for easy access and use.
                  • Increases efficiency and productivity during painting tasks.
                  • Applications:

                    Our Paint Spray Gun Stand is suitable for any painting task in:

                    • Automotive and mechanical workshops.
                      • Spray booths.
                        • Paint mix rooms.
                          • Workstation cabinets.
                            • Body shops.
                              • Garage walls.
                              • Get our Paint Spray Gun Stand today and experience the benefits of an organized and efficient workspace. Contact us today to learn more.