Organize Your Warehouse with the Slit Coil Rack

If you're looking for a practical solution for storing slit coils in your workspace, look no further than our Slit Coil Rack. Designed for upright coil storage on the floor in vertical slots, this rack is perfect for keeping your workspace organized and efficient. It ensures that your coils are stored safely and reduces the risk of damage.

Slit Coil Rack


  • Adjustable Rack Posts for Secure Upright Coil Storage: The Slit Coil Rack allows for upright coil storage in vertical slots. Moreover, the removable rack posts can be effortlessly adjusted to accommodate varying widths, ensuring a more secure storage space for your steel coils.
    • Durable and Sturdy Construction for Secure Storage:Made with high-quality materials, it is built to last and withstand the weight of heavy coils.
      • Space-Saving Design: With vertical slots, this rack optimizes your storage space by utilizing vertical height rather than floor space.
        • Easy Coil Retrieval: The upright storage design makes it easy to access and retrieve coils as needed, saving you time and effort.


  • Maximizes floor space by utilizing vertical storage.
    • Customizable width configuration to accommodate different sizes of steel coils.
      • Provides safe and secure storage of valuable steel coils.
        • Easy access to coils for improved workflow and productivity.


The Slit Coil Rack is an essential storage solution for any workspace that deals with slit coils, such as steel mills, metal fabrication shops, industrial warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

Keep your workspace organized and efficient with our Slit Coil Rack. Contact us today to learn more!